Career and Leadership Tips

All students and job seekers could use career advice. Same can be said for those in the workplace, who may be seeking advancement within their companies or industries.

This page provides an abundance of tools and resources for students, regardless of their career readiness levels. Take advantage of the information by tapping into the sections which best relate to your leadership and career interests.

Career Planning

Taking the first career planning steps
The lifeblood of your chapter and your career
Busiest time of the job searching year
Career planning during summer break
Characteristics of successful mentoring
Career planning starts freshman year
Job searching tips for students seeking jobs now – VIDEO


Personal Branding

Develop your personal brand
Handful of personality characteristics
Skill sets sought by employers
Recognizing personality traits



Use Homecoming to get hired
Build a professional network
Make good first impressions
Make Homecoming work for you
Networking from home
Reasons why networking is important
Tips to prepare for networking receptions
Ways students can network
Landing a Job Interview without Applying – video
Crafting an elevator pitch – video



Simple post interview suggestions
Things you should NOT say in interviews
Exceed at interviews through research
Preparing for a job interview – VIDEO
Tips to winning the job interview – VIDEO
Ways to followup the job interview – VIDEO


Career Fair Planning

Back to campus tips
Career Fair tips
Reasons to attend career fairs
Post career fair tips
Gearing up for career fairs
Make career fairs work
Making the most of career fairs (video)


Leadership Tips

Delegating Responsibility
Recognizing your leadership traits
Tips to becoming a good leader
Motivating yourself and others
Things mentally strong people do


Be sure to visit regularly as new resources continue to be added.