Exceed at interviews through research

Exceed your interviewing goals by learning more about the business or non-profit organization prior to your interview.

Congratulations, you’ve been invited to interview with a prospective employer! Now what, do you sit idly by waiting for the big day or do you try to set yourself apart from others?

Employers are looking for someone with a real interest in their organizations. Conducting research, in advance of the interview, will set you apart from other candidates. When you know something about an organization, you can confidently describe it in more relevant terms. At the same time, the conversation and line of questions you ask will help you decide if the employer is a good ?t for you. The research you conduct will set the tone for a more informative exchange, clearly demonstrating your interest in the employer and the open position.

Simply being informed about an employer does not guarantee a successful interview unless you use that information e?ectively. Knowledge of the employer is only helpful if you know how to incorporate that information into the interview. Here are a few ways you can incorporate research into your interview.

  • Relate your skills to those needed for the position.
  • Share transferable skills like communications, writing, computer knowledge, etc.
  • Illustrate how you can help the employer be more competitive.
  • Request information only on topics of which you’re truly interested.
  • Ask questions that encourage the employer to expand on information from the literature.

The information you gather about employers will strengthen your position and help you make a positive ?rst impression in an interview.