Networking from home

While there’s significance of making connections by shaking hands, there are several ways to take big steps toward developing strong networks. Here are a few which stood out:

Participate In A LinkedIn Discussion or Twitter Chat
Not only does engaging in these conversations help one get recognized as a leader, it helps develop a pool of followers and good connections. By participating in Twitter chats, we developed strong relationships with potential partners.

Send Out Notes
Whether following up visits from a recent career fair or making a connection at a networking event, sending personal notes to new contacts goes a long way toward developing a valuable Rolodex of leaders.

Write A Guest Blog
This is a great way to get noticed. In fact, writing a guest blog does more than introduce job-seeking candidates to employers, it showcases writing skills and opinions.

Check In With Your References
The worst thing to happen to a candidate is when a reference says something like, “I had no idea he/she was applying” or “it’s been quite a while since we last connected.” Taking a moment to send references a simple note or career/jobhunt update will go a long way.

Search for Volunteer Opportunities
This one is a particular favorite, as Greek Ladders was founded on philanthropic principles. By volunteering, one can learn and practice skills which can be directly applicable to the workplace. In addition, the people with whom the candidate volunteers can provide assistance to starting or advancing careers.