Website & Social Media

External outreach is an important strategy for chapters to engage with alumni/ae, current members, parents, the campus community, and the greater local community. Social media plays a valuable tool to inform and engage, particularly in sharing news, planning events, seeking advice and assistance, supporting charitable initiatives, and raising capital and scholarship funds.

We take great pride in designing effective, secure, and appealing websites for clients. The sites are managed to share information, conduct polls and surveys, accept event RSVPs, and transact contributions.

FMG partners with undergraduate and volunteer leaders to develop websites and social media plans that meet their goals and budgets. This can involve any of following:

  • electronic newsletters and bulletins
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Website

Because of the value we place in strong chapter communications, we routinely host and manage websites, assess social media usage, design strategies, and offer guidance.

To learn more about how FMG can develop, host, and maintain your website and other communications , please contact Matt Noble at or 520-990-3250.