Feasibility Study

FMG partners with every client to develop a feasibility study strategy that meets their needs and budget. This can range from a 1-2 month mini-feasibility
study/assessment to a 6-12 month full-service feasibility study. In some cases it involves us coordinating the relationship with another firm who
provides the service.

During the Study, using face-to-face meetings, phone interviews, mail surveys, and online surveys, we:

  • Begin, or improve, all areas of your alumni/ae and/or parent relations program;
  • Create a project summary with all the details regarding your project
  • Assess board readiness to support a campaign
  • Assess prospect capability, loyalty, cultivation level, and volunteer potential
  • Begin identifying, contacting, and recruiting major gift prospects
  • Begin recruiting volunteers

The Study centers on the “research” and “romance” phase of fundraising. The assessment is used to formulate a strategy for the Capital Campaign.The Study provides the groundwork for a Capital Campaign. It must include an alumni/ae & parent relations programming contract at least at the basic level. Our fees range from $3,500 to $20,000 depending on the services provided.

Here’s what is included in a Full-Service Feasibility Study:

  • Database Software and Records Integration
  • Project Summary
  • Board Readiness Assessment
  • Prospect Research
  • Wealth-Screening of the Database
  • Telephone and/or in-person research/cultivation interviews with up to 20% of your alumni/ae and parent database (usually 15-30 face-to-face interviews and 100-150 via telephone)
  • Alumni/ae Survey via email/mail
  • Parent Survey via email-mail
  • Undergraduate Survey via email/mail
  • Early recruitment and solicitation of major gifts and volunteers
  • A comprehensive report detailing the results of the surveys, telephone calls, and in-person interviews
  • Recommendations and a proposal for the next step,including strategy and schedule for the Capital Campaign

To learn more about how FMG can start or improve an annual fund and planned giving program for your chapter, please contact us.