Feasibility Study

FMG partners with every client to develop a feasibility study strategy that meets their needs and budget. This can range from a 1-2 month mini-feasibility
study/assessment to a 6-12 month full-service feasibility study. In some cases it involves us coordinating the relationship with another firm who
provides the service.

During the Study, using face-to-face meetings, phone interviews, mail surveys, and online surveys, we:

  • Begin, or improve, all areas of your alumni/ae and/or parent relations program;
  • Create a project summary with all the details regarding your project
  • Assess board readiness to support a campaign
  • Assess prospect capability, loyalty, cultivation level, and volunteer potential
  • Begin identifying, contacting, and recruiting major gift prospects
  • Begin recruiting volunteers

The Study centers on the “research” and “romance” phase of fundraising. The assessment is used to formulate a strategy for the Capital Campaign.The Study provides the groundwork for a Capital Campaign. It must include an alumni/ae & parent relations programming contract at least at the basic level. Our fees range from $3,500 to $20,000 depending on the services provided.

Here’s what is included in a Full-Service Feasibility Study:

  • Database Software and Records Integration
  • Project Summary
  • Board Readiness Assessment
  • Prospect Research
  • Wealth-Screening of the Database
  • Telephone and/or in-person research/cultivation interviews with up to 20% of your alumni/ae and parent database (usually 15-30 face-to-face interviews and 100-150 via telephone)
  • Alumni/ae Survey via email/mail
  • Parent Survey via email-mail
  • Undergraduate Survey via email/mail
  • Early recruitment and solicitation of major gifts and volunteers
  • A comprehensive report detailing the results of the surveys, telephone calls, and in-person interviews
  • Recommendations and a proposal for the next step,including strategy and schedule for the Capital Campaign

To learn more about how FMG can complete a feasibility study assessment to help you meet your facility and scholarship needs, please contact Matt Noble at matt.noble@fmgtucson.com or 520-990-3250.