Busiest time of the job searching year

For the most part, the career-planning schedule at every college is predictable. However, there’s one block of time which is far busier than the rest of the school year, and it’s not when you think.

No matter which campus you search or visit, the career programming is pretty much the same. Employers visit campus to exhibit at career fairs, conduct special on-site visits, and post jobs on the career center’s website.

The majority of career fairs take place in the fall semester. Employers are eager to find ideal candidates. They believe students attending fall career fair are more enthusiastic and focused on their career plans than their counterparts.

Although career fairs present invaluable opportunities, not just to find ideal jobs, but to expand professional networks, very few students show up. From our own informal analysis of career fairs, we believe between 4 to 5% of a college’s student population attends a career fair. What’s wild is that these career fairs are hosted in prominent locations on campus and are heavily promoted. According to a recent Barnes & Noble Millennial Study, 19% of students attend employer information sessions; and, 25% of students have worked with their career center.

So, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the most active time we receive career-related calls at Fraternity Management Group is April 15 through June 30 of every calendar year. It’s the period of time when students call, text, email, message us that they don’t have a job and don’t want to move back home.

They’ve heard, all year long, that we have strong connections to employers. All those emails and events they passed on for various reasons finally come into play for a significant number of students. Rather than say “I told you so” or “we warned you,” the FMG team jumps in and helps each student as best as possible.

If this is you, contact us right away. We’ll help get you on the right path.

Employers seeking talent should activate, as well. They can post jobs to our website, email us with additional details, and call us to get inside scoops on strong talent.

Welcome to our own rendition of Spring Rush!