Use Homecoming to get hired

Homecoming presents an incredible opportunity to connect with alumni, possibly resulting in a job or internship. It’s a great time to celebrate the University’s history and big game with fellow chapter members, but be sure to take advantage of the alums on campus.

Here are suggestions on how you can leverage Homecoming to propel your career planning.

  • If your chapter has a tent during tailgating, take a moment to meet an alumnus. It’s a social occasion, which allows for a casual conversation. In addition to talking about the old days in the chapter, talk about his or her career path, as well as your own.
  • If your chapter hosts a banquet-style event, particularly a sit-down occasion, be sure to sit at a table with alums. Sitting at a table full of chapter members will keep you from great and productive conversations with alums. It might also give alums the impression that you’re not interested in them. The conversations you have with alums at these events can be a bit more intimate, enabling for more meaningful dialogue. Be sure to talk about each other’s career paths, industry trends, possible positions, and recommendations.
  • Welcome all alums to campus, even if they’re not Greek or not from your chapter. It’s quite likely that they’ll see you again throughout the weekend. More importantly, initiating the greetings could easily spark conversations. For the most part, alums are excited to be back on campus to see changes, visit old stomping grounds, reminisce with others, and meet students. Use that to your advantage.

If you treat Homecoming like Rush…but for yourself…you’ll be amazed by the results. It’s likely you’ll end the weekend with many new contacts, invaluable insight, and a number of references. Homecoming was created for alumni but, if used effectively, will reap lifelong rewards for career-minded students.