Career planning starts freshman year

As soon as students start their college courses, they are placed on a track to pursue personal and professional success. No matter the field of study, each student seeks employment as soon as they graduate. While the courses of study are designed to prepare eventual graduates for success in the workplace, there are a number of resources designed to develop these students into outstanding leaders.

We encourage students to utilize resources and involvement to develop strong leadership skills. For example, by becoming active within the chapter, on campus, and in the community, students will obtain and practice a diverse set of leadership traits.

Though the majority of students wait until their junior or senior years to place significant emphasis on their careers, a large number of leadership development and career preparation resources are available for students from the moment they step foot on campus. Students who are serious, or even remotely interested, in developing a strong career-building portfolio, might consider a four-year approach which includes the following resources.

Freshman Year

  • Time management
  • Study skills management
  • Fraternity/Sorority history and leadership
  • Importance of chapter and campus involvement
  • Philanthropy and service
  • Risk management
  • Personal mission and vision
  • Effective communication
  • Setting effective goals
  • Ritual education

Sophomore Year

  • Skills and career assessment
  • Motivating and retaining leaders
  • Group leadership styles
  • Problem solving and ethical decision making
  • Portfolio development
  • Group dynamics and conflict resolution
  • Meeting management
  • Critical thinking
  • Art of facilitation
  • Value of internships

Junior Year

  • Public speaking strategies
  • Personal leadership style
  • Ethics and integrity in leadership
  • Leadership values
  • Being an inclusive leader
  • Empowering people through delegation
  • Motivating self and others
  • Mentoring and empowering others
  • Civic leadership
  • Networking for success

Senior Year

  • Strengths-based community development
  • Creating social change
  • Resolving conflicts and negotiations
  • Cover letter and resume development
  • Interview skills
  • Preparing for grad school
  • Personal finance for young graduates
  • Role as a chapter alumnus

Obtaining a job out of college is simply the first step towards financial independence and personal success. Becoming a leader in the student’s chosen profession is equally as important, if not more. The leadership development and career preparation resources, found above, play an instrumental role in preparing students for future excellence.