Skill sets sought by employers

When recruiters are tasked with finding the right talent for specific positions, they must seek certain skill sets.

Here’s a general list of skill sets sought in new hires, followed by how to describe experience per each.

Problem Solving

  • Define a problem and identify possible causes.
  • Synthesize large amounts of information.
  • Form and defend independent conclusions.

Interpersonal Leadership

  • Facilitate group discussions, conduct meetings.
  • Effectively mentor and teach others.
  • Motivate others to complete projects.
  • Respond appropriately to positive and negative feedback.

Project Management

  • Manage a project from beginning to end.
  • Identify goals and tasks and create timeline for creation.
  • Prioritize tasks.
  • Maintain flexibility in case of change.


  • Identify sources of information to a given problem.
  • Understand large amounts of data.
  • Design and analyze surveys.
  • Develop principles to sort and evaluate data.

Work Habits

  • Work effectively under pressure, meet deadlines.
  • Lear new material and subject matter quickly.
  • Work effectively with limited supervision.