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Summer To Do List

The free period between semesters is an ideal time to accomplish many strategic tasks, which you may not find adequate time to complete during the school year. Of course, it seems that summer breaks tend to get shorter and shorter, mostly due to vacations, workloads, outdoor activities, and much more. To help local fraternity and […]

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Elements of a Strong Annual Giving Program

Annual giving is an initiative used to raise funds from chapter alumni and parents. It’s commonly adopted by chapter house corporations and educational foundations. It’s an ideal method to raise funds to cover operational costs, make capital repairs, increase scholarship funds, and more. If your chapter is already doing an annual fund, great! The information […]

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Ready for a large funding campaign?

Is your chapter in need of a better living and learning environment? Do you wish to award more scholarships to chapter members? Are you looking to fund leadership development programs? If so, are your chapter’s leaders thinking about launching a major fundraising campaign to meet these wishes? We regularly learn about fraternity and sorority chapters […]

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Five R’s of Fundraising

When raising money for fraternity and sorority chapters, there’s one approach to generating donations that’s sure to prove successful. Take a moment to consider how much time and effort goes into planning small and major special events.  Now, imagine that same effort strategically targeted toward cultivating a lifetime donor…a fan who loves and supports your […]

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Elements of an Effective Alumni & Parent Program

Brotherhood Development – The foundation of any alumni & parent program is the chapter’s ability to develop the bonds of brotherhood. Without loyalty and dedication, there is little to work with. A member education program that develops a pledge into a committed and involved active, as well as prepares a graduating senior to be a lifelong […]

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