Elements of an Effective Alumni & Parent Program

Brotherhood Development – The foundation of any alumni & parent program is the chapter’s ability to develop the bonds of brotherhood. Without loyalty and dedication, there is little to work with. A member education program that develops a pledge into a committed and involved active, as well as prepares a graduating senior to be a lifelong friend of the chapter is the key for alumni. For parents, they need to see the value of the education and the friendships their son is developing if they are to be interested.

Data Management – Centralizing all information about your alumni, parents and undergraduates, and actively researching to keep it updated forms the framework from which all other efforts grow. Your starting point should be in merging information from your National HQ’s, University Alumni Association, and various alumni and chapter sources into a single database. Using the internet and continuing to ask alumni for information about each other will enable you to keep it up to date (always share your findings with the National and University).

Communications – In order to inform alumni & parents and keep them interested, use the following communication vehicles: alumni & parent newsletters, event invitations, broadcast emails, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a website.

Events – Two alumni events annually is a must, with a greater focus on the fall event, and at one parent event. Chapters who host more then two events annually will see the benefit. Events could include: Homecoming, Founders’ Day, Golf Tournament, Monthly/Quarterly Luncheons, Career Day, Softball/BBQ Challenge, Family Weekend, Mom’s or Dad’s Day, Alumni Gatherings in top markets, etc. Also, inviting alumni to chapter meetings, initiation and rush is very important.

Recognition – The mission of most fraternities centers around building better men. Alumni & parents who have distinguished themselves in their communities, careers, and/or service to their fraternities deserve recognition. An annual Hall of Fame Banquet that honors alumni, parents and undergraduates is a key. Also, just simple written thanks to alumni & parents for attendance at an event, a rush rec, or a contribution will go a long way.

Annual Fund – In order to give alumni & parents the chance to contribute and feel involved, and to pay for programs just discussed, it makes sense to ask for an annual contribution.

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