Message to Alumni/ae Fraternity and Sorority Members

Alumni/ae members who have not been engaged, why are you expecting a few alumni/ae donors and volunteers to do all the work for you? Did the ritual have any meaning to you? Did you have some fun, develop some leadership skills, start some lifetime friendships, and/or maybe even meet your spouse because of your chapter? If you can answer “yes” to any of the above, it’s time to re-commit. The leadership programs, scholarships, and first-class facilities do not happen by accident. They happen because of the commitment of our alumni/ae.

Alumni/ae must remember it is a lifetime experience and that their time and treasurer, as well as career connections, are the key to the success of their chapter. Why are less than 1% of the alumni doing all the volunteering and less than 15% making annual financial contributions? If it is truly membership for life, alumni/ae need to reflect that core value. Alumni/ae, your chapters really could use your involvement. It’s not just advisors and house corporation volunteers we need, but alumni/ae willing to even just spend a day per year at chapter providing life skills and career advice, or even just attending a recruitment event. For those of you not involved, find the way back to serving our chapters.

To see the path to a quality alumnus experience click here.

The Path to a Quality Alumnus Experience (think of it as an alumnus oath)

If alumni/ae members will commit to the below, you will help advance your chapter, international/national, and university.

  • I will live the life that our ritual teaches.
  • I will quit complaining about the younger generation being too entitled and commit to getting to know as many of our young members as possible, and finding ways to help them become better men and women.
  • I will make every attempt possible to serve as volunteer with my chapter or another via the Alumni/ae Association, Advisory Board, Foundation Board and/or House Corporation Board.
  • I will make an annual gift to my local chapter, international/national organization, and university. Think equal sacrifice, not equal giving. Give until it feels good.
  • I will commit to attend an alumni/ae event at least every other year.
  • I will help alumni/ae and undergraduate members network in their careers if I can be of any help.
  • I will encourage students to attend my university and recommend members to join my fraternity/sorority as long as they both deserve your support.


Matt Noble, President of FMG

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