College Campuses Need Us Right Now

COVID-19 is having a dramatic impact on our campus communities and we still do not know for sure what the future holds. Budgets are devastated. Campuses are concerned about isolation and mental health with good reason. Students and their families are deciding whether to return to campus in the fall, and this would have a significant negative impact on our colleges. I know at times some of our members and chapters have made poor decisions that has led to closing of those chapters. Having said that, colleges need the fraternity and sorority community more than ever. In fact, we need each other. How can we help the campus community?

  • We help with recruitment because many students choice of college is made partially because of the Greek Community on that campus.
  • We help with retention. Not only do we retain and graduate our members at a higher rate, but now, we might be a key to retaining many students.
  • We help with attendance at sports. Athletic Directors should be knocking on our doors looking for attendance and volunteer support.
  • We are the largest purchasing organization on the campus. Books stores and other campus auxiliary areas need us back.
  • We could mobilize our community for volunteerism on campus instead of all our time and dollars spent in the local community we might look inward for this year.
  • We help with housing, feeding and space for taking classes.
  • We as alumni/ae already provide more support to our campuses in time and dollars, and we are needed more than ever.
  • We can engage our alumni/ae and parents in building out a career network that can help students and alumni/ae.
  • We support the local businesses around our campuses.

If you are a College President, VP of Student Life, Provost, or Director of Admissions, you should be reaching out to your Fraternity & Sorority Professionals on your campus to find a way to partner.

There is a right way to engage our alumni/ae, parent and undergraduate community. If you would like to learn more, please contact Matt Noble at and/or 520-990-3250.