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Why We Are Failing?

Editor Note: This blog has merged some narratives from an old blog and combined with some new messages. Fraternities have been around since 1776 and sororities since 1867. Clearly, we have done something right to have been around for centuries. Yet, our continued existence is being discussed on a daily basis. Why? Before I answer […]

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The Choice Is Ours…Recruit and Educate To Fail or Succeed

I’ve spent more than 30 years involved with the Fraternity and Sorority system as a chapter officer, chapter advisor, regional volunteer, foundation board director, house corporation board member, and president of a company that focuses on alumni/ae and parent relations as well as fundraising. I met my wife through my fraternity. My son is a fraternity brother. My best friends are almost all fraternity brothers. My fraternal experience has been more than rewarding.

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