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The arrival of students on college campus for the fall semester is marked by hope and excitement. It’s also the start of campus recruiting!

For employers, it’s a great time to target young talent for current and future positions in their businesses, non-profits, schools, and government agencies. Since most fall career fairs take place in the month of September, students have just weeks to prepare.

Here are a few tips to starting the fall semester on a positive thread.

  • Have fun. College provides an incredible experience to understand you, your skills, your interests, and your career aspirations.
  • Join a club. If fact, join more than one. Fraternities, sororities, service organizations, student government, event committees, and clubs within your major provide exceptional opportunities. Employers seek candidates whom are both stars in the classroom and active leaders on campus.
  • Write or update your resume. Include your work experience, club and extra-curricular involvement, and educational history.
  • Visit the campus career center. Even if it’s simply to see where it’s located, take a moment to stop in and say hello.
  • Spend a minute with your college’s dean. He or she is well-connected and has a sincere interest in you and your future.
  • Attend the on-campus job fair. Even if you’re not looking for a job, the event allows you to practice networking and pre-interviewing.
  • Create or update your LinkedIn account. Most employers will check your social media presence, many of whom will start with your LinkedIn profile.

These are easy-to-handle tasks, which gets your semester on a good roll and put you on a solid path towards landing interviews with outstanding employers.