Alumni and Parents

The chapter provides alumni/ae and parents with opportunities to accelerate the career development of the undergraduate members. Our career program you to…

  • Post jobs – Our online job board allows you and employers to post jobs for chapter members and other undergraduates to review.
  • Recruit Candidates – Use the job board to view resumes of potential hires.
  • Speak – We host online sessions, where you can describe your career journey, discuss your current professional activities, promote job opportunities, and share career advice. Join the speaker list for our chapter.
  • Workshops – Participate in networking receptions, Zoom sessions, and other career activities to connect with fellow professionals and the students.
  • Mentor – Provide career advice and guidance in specific industries and specialties in one-on-one mentoring sessions.
  • Share Advice – Complete career planning surveys to share advice on skills, resumes, interviewing, and more.