After three decades, it’s just the beginning!

For the past 32 years, Fraternity Management Group has been a leader in outreach services for fraternity and sorority chapters throughout the United States. Founded in 1987, FMG has worked with thousands of alumni/ae volunteer leaders and donors to improve, expand, and enrich local chapters.

“It’s hard to believe that my vision as an undergraduate Alumni Relations Chair and then as a young Alumni Advisor has turned into a business serving the fraternity and sorority community”, says Matt Noble, FMG’s founder and president.

When asked to reflect on the past, Matt shared a few highlights, starting with the:

  • Lifetime friendships developed with hundreds of volunteers at the varying chapters;
  • Incredible men and women who are at the tops of their professions;
  • Millions of dollars raised for chapters for educational programming, scholarships and housing;
  • Great career networks that have been started; and,
  • Resurgence of chapters from struggling to excelling chapters.

If you ask Matt, he’ll share that this is merely the beginning. He, like the rest of the Fraternity Management Group staff feel a strong sense of obligation to strengthening the overall fraternity and sorority landscape.

It’s time to ensure that the fraternity and sorority brand represents our values. According to Matt, “we must remain committed to providing four year undergraduate experiences that blend the array of needs of today’s students with the leadership, social, and academic skills they’ll need to be successful in their careers and enriched in their personal lives.”

Looking ahead, Matt is committed to providing clients with the tools and resources to manage…

  • Quality alumni/ae and parent relations programs that lead to more engaged alumni/ae and parents;
  • Committed volunteers on Advisory Boards, Alumni Association Boards, Foundation Boards and House Corporation Boards;
  • Professional staff where chapters can afford an Academic, Career & Leadership Advisor, House Director, and Health & Wellness Advisor;
  • Strong partnerships between campuses, chapters and headquarters; and,
  • Funding to ensure that facilities, programming, scholarships and staffing/volunteers are in place at every chapter.

When asked what drives Matt, he’ll tell you – “If we focus on providing value for our members in the areas of academics, career preparation, campus and chapter involvement, leadership development, service and social, we will create a pipeline of alumni/ae committed to investing their time and dollars into our campuses, chapters and headquarters.”